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Egypt VR provides end-to-end production services for 360 video, Virtual Reality (VR), and 360 VR Photography

We provide a full range of immersive technology services to empower your business!
With our unwavering focus on fully immersive storytelling, we not only meet our clients’ strategic objectives, but engage their viewers like no one else can—transporting them to into other worlds.
We know that 360 video, 360 Photography and VR offer unmatched opportunities to seize the imaginations of audiences both old and new. And with more than 10 years of experience in immersive production services, we have developed a unique sense for camera placement and movement in immersive spaces. Every time we shoot, we employ newly devised as well as established techniques to set new standards in production value.

By combining an innovative style with a proven dedication to storytelling, we’re able to create truly concept-driven, transformative work that is unparalleled in the category.

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360 video Egypt VR

360º VR Video

360° Videos, are videos recorded in real environments also known as Immersive Videos or Spherical Videos.  We use video cameras capable to shoot in 360° in 8K so the viewer can control the viewing angle with high quality video

This type of technology is especially useful to transport the viewer to a totally different environment where they can learn and enjoy with a fully involving device

360 Panoramic VR Photography

360º VR Photography

With so many images online, users are used to seeing them regularly and it is diIcult to gain attention.

With 360 images, users are seeing something completely different.The quality and detail contained within a 360 image is something that a regular image cannot replicate. The ability for a user to explore a scene in the full 360 degrees is completely unique to 360 photography.

360 virtual tours Egypt VR

360º Virtual Tours

Virtual reality technology enables us to see places as if we’re really there – when we’re not. It gives us a sense of presence that’s as close to lifelike as possible without actually having to travel.

And with the option to see it in headset, that gives virtual tours an extra edge – which is crucial for the retail, tourism and residential sectors.

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