About Us

Egypt VR is an immersive media agency based in Cairo. Our passion and our expertise are in telling stories that captivate viewers in entirely new ways.
With over 10 years of experience creating 360º video and VR, we offer a full roster of immersive and experiential services including VR, volumetric captures, AR, app development, immersive CG/VFX content, reframes, and deployment consultation.

Unlimited Possibilities…

Imagine what you could do with Virtual Reality: Virtual Ride experiences for theme parks and museums, test drives for car showrooms, teleports for travel retail – we are only limited by our own imagination.

phaile temple 360 Egypt vr

Our Vision

At Egypt VR, our goal is to provide people with an experience like no other. We want viewers to be transported to a different place and become truly immersed in the experience.
We can see the continued growth of VR ahead of us. We want to be at the cutting edge of the VR revolution, leading the way for businesses and brands to follow.
Thinking outside the box comes naturally to us, and we use our experience and expertise to find the perfect solution for each client and application.
Being filmmakers at heart, we excel at the art of storytelling. Embracing 360 VR enables us to tell the story in a completely new way, a way that captures the imagination and resonates with people like never before.

Our Mission

To create immersive and memorable 360 experiences 360
With a huge amount of experience serving clients across the MENA region, we are confident in our ability to deliver on every project. In fact, at Immersion VR we always aim to exceed expectations.

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Villa 245, 16th District, ELsheikh Zayed

Giza – Egypt

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